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Mixing & Homogenising Systems

Biologics Development

Mimic your fluid mixing pattern on smallest scale

Micro Mixer tank

Sized from 100ml, 250ml, 1 liter to 10 liter these small tanks mimic exactly your Fluid mixing Pattern of your manufacturing tanks and therefore are the ideal tool for your biologics R&D teams.

Controlled Processing Conditions

Seamless scale down mixing under vacuum or pressure with validated mixing speeds and temperature control are all combined now in one device: The Krieger Micro Mixer.

Micro Mixer open

Scaled down Mixer geometry

The impellor blades (number, angle and form) can be chosen and matched to larger mixers present in most (bio-) reactors, thus ensuring a perfect scale down environment from your existing or future manufacturing reactors. 
The fixed mounted bottom driven or top driven mixers, guarantee 100% identical mixing performance, batch after batch.

micro mixer

25 ml processing volume

The Krieger Micro Mixer allows researchers fast drug development tests on the smallest scale, where controlled process conditions are a stringent requirement.

The minimum mixing volume that can be processed on the 100 ml tank amounts to 25 ml.

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micro mixer inside
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