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Mixing & Homogenising Systems

Cleaning in Place / Sterilisation in Place

The Krieger validated CIP / SIP technologies are a standard feature on the Molto Mat range and is optional on the K- Mix range.

The Krieger CIP / SIP system gains valuable process cycle time, compared to traditional systems.

Krieger’s Cleaning in Place the fastest CIP system on the market

The rotating spray jets  that rotate together with the outer agitator arm, move on a circular orbit that passes directly underneath all points of the vessel cover. This system allows to bringing the cleaning medium, steam and dry air directly  to the critical points of the vessel cover, like nozzles, manholes, ...

The Ability of the Krieger system to bring the spray jets directly underneath these critical points allows to save valuable time in the CIP/SIP process cycles and even more important our customers can be 100% assured that we have a perfect CIP/SIP cycle without any dead spots.


Krieger’s Sterilisation in Place system Provides a 100% sterility assurance level

The Krieger validated CIP/SIP system works with only one single sealing point in the vessel that reduces the risk of failure significantly compared to simpler vessels that use more sealing points for their process. Using double mechanical seals ensure for highest security and prevent batches getting lost due to mechanical seal failure.
The Efficient media transfer through the circumferential rotating spray  mechanism is a cGMP design that is a self cleaning & self sterilising design.

CIP arm
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