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Mixing & Homogenising Systems


Cross Linked Gels

High Viscosity Gel Particulation


Krieger has developed expertise in the processing of Cross Linked Hyaluronic Acid based viscous injectable gels under contained and sterile conditions.

We have designed a fully new processing plant for manufacturing high molecular weight cross linked hyaluronic acid based cosmeceuticals. (classified as injectable fillers)

The Krieger HA manufacturing plant integrates cross linking vessel, gel sizing, purifying and final particle reduction of the finished gel in one seamless to use processing unit.
A fast and secure way to manufacture cosmeceutical injectable gels with controlled particle size without losing molecular weight.


For R&D labs we provide various small scale equipment for your cosmeceuticals process, ranging from HA Dissolving tanks, cross linking systems, gel cutting devices, purifying systems and sieves or Homogenisers for particulation of your finalised cross linked gel.

At our new Hyaluronic Acid Process Development Center we welcome customers to learn and test innovative Cosmeceutical manufacturing methods.
Contact us to see how Krieger can be of assistance in your strategy to enter the fascinating field of Cosmeceuticals.

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