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Mixing & Homogenising Systems

Creams, Gels and Ointements

Vacuum - Sanitary Processes

Sterile Processes

The Krieger Mixing & Homogenising Process

Krieger provides customers with the most complete and flexible processing technology for creams, gels and  ointments on the market. The complete crevice free interior, the integrated rotating CIP spray balls system and the Sanitisation/ Sterilisation in Place concept have made the Krieger K - Mix and Molto Mat equipment, the leading technology for the „ vacuum / poor of germs“ and the „sterile“ production of emulsions, ointments, suspensions, solvents, etc.


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Sterile creams, gels and ointmets

Balanced Shear for superb product quality

The Krieger homogeniser guarantees superior quality, long product life and a viscosity level that remains the same in each production batch.
A particular characteristic of the The Krieger C-TF Homogeniser is it’s "Balanced Shear Force" that makes it difficult to lose batches due to over-homogenising and that safeguards valuable shear sensitive ingredients and API's.


Controlled Product Flow

Counter rotating agitating tools
with fluid dynamic wing shaped stirrers.
Due to their special design the tools generate a „controlled product flow“. This guarantees that every particle of the product follows a pre-determined flow pattern the same number of times within a given time. Eccentrically fitted agitators are unable to provide this guaranteed flow pattern.

controlled product flow

Fast perfect Homogenisation

Homogeneous mixing of introduced color piments, active ingredients and small quantity supplies like aroma’s are processed seamlessly by the mixing tools and C-TF Homogenizer.


Ultra Fast and high performance CIP/SIP

Rotating spray balls underneath the vessel cover nozzles bring the cleaning water and sanitization or sterilization steam directly to the critical points in the vessel cover.

The C- TF homogeniser is self cleaning and sterilizable in Place and supports the CIP cycle in the bottom of the vessel.


Balanced Shear

Scientific Research published in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences confirms the Krieger "Balanced Shear force"

„This rather stable equilibrum further indicated that the equipment applied a balanced shear
in the homogenizing process.
Reference: Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Volume 100, No. 8, August 2011, Page 3379

An Ultrasound-based Pat for homogenization
Martin Cavgn1, Ryan Douglas2, Guy Akkermans2, Martin Kuentz1
1 Institute of Pharma Technology, 4132 Muttenz, Switzerland
2 Krieger AG, 4132 Muttenz, Switzerland

MMS 2500 System with CIP / SIP
R&D Pilot for Cosmetics
K-Mix 1000 EX. Proof Zone 0 certified
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