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Mixing & Homogenising Systems

Liability Disclaimer and Links

All content on this website is provided for the sole purpose of the provision of gen-eral information and product orientation. Please note that the specifications of each product or service mentioned on this website is neither a binding offer, nor does it constitute the representations and warranties for any potential future contract with Krieger AG. The final contract between a customer and Krieger AG shall solely de-fine any exact specifications of a product or service to be provided by Krieger AG. Krieger AG shall not be held liable for neither the accuracy nor for the comprehen-siveness of any and all content accessible on this website.
Krieger AG is further not responsible, nor shall they be held liable for the content of any internet pages operated by third parties which may be accessed via links pro-vided for on this website.

Copyright and trademark law

Texts, images, graphics, audio files, animations and video sequences as well as their arrangement are governed by copyright law and other protective laws.

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