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Mixing & Homogenising Systems

Viscous Injectables

Hyaluronic Acid Gels

Injectables for Controlled Slow Drug Release

Contained Homogenising

Kriegers Contained Mixing and Homogenising processing Technology   provides the most user friendly system on the market to operate, control and validate sterile and contained manufacturing processes.

The technological breakthrough in elimination cooling liquid and seal and scraper debris in Kriegers contained systems, makes our contained technology the forerunner  for products like:

  • Viscoelastics, 
  • Viscous injectables, 
  • Hyaluronan based Gels 
  • Complex Contained/Sterile products 
Contained MMU 25 at the washing station

10 X Faster process times then traditional equipment

Hyaluronic Acid Powder or Hyaluronan Fibers are quickly dissolved and active ingredients (API’s) are perfectly homogenized into the final gel thanks to our special designed agitating tools for mixing and homogenizing  Hyaluronan and sterile viscous compounds.


Absolute Containment: The Krieger Seal Containment Chamber

The Krieger Seal Containment Chamber (SCC) ensures an absolute particle free and contained mixing zone. The SCC eliminates cooling liquids and seal and scraper debris in Sterile and Contained counter rotating mixing Systems.


No Scraper Debris thanks to near to the wall scraper agitator

The near to the wall agitator arm ensures a contained environment for perfect  heat transfer and an optimal homogenisation  process without the use of  traditional wall scrapers.

Scraper debris

100% homogeneous API Distribution

Our high performance counter rotating agitating tools are foreseen with an „in valve mixing device“.
The in valve mixing ensures 100% homogeneous API distribution in the entire batch even in the difficult to mix zone around the bottom outlet valve. This allows direct transfer from the batch to a filling line for small vials.


Seamless Low to High Viscosity Processing

Viscous injectables with API's for controlled drug release: Thanks to our in valve mixing tool a 500 liter batch can transfer directly to a vials filling line. Viscosity from 5000 cps up to 200’000 cps.

Easy Cleaning / Easy Sterilisation Procedures

The self draining vessel has built in spray pipes to clean the vessel surfaces

Sterilisation procedures are easy as the SCC works without cooling liquids for the Mechanical seals , No validation and expensive hardware are required to obtain a sterile cooling liquid.

On board temperature verification system with steam drain traps for easy sterilization.

Haluronic Acid processing at Lifecore Biomedical
MMU 25 Contained for Viscoelastics
MMD 1000 Contained at Baxter Bioscience
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