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Mixing & Homogenising Systems

Hyaluronic Acid Mi Molto

The new LAB tool for fast and small scale development of Bio, Pharmaceutical HA based injectables and Cosmeceutical HA Dermatological Fillers.

Born in the Krieger Hyaluronic Acid Process Development Center, The HA Mi Molto is specially designed and optimized  for developing your new  HA products on a small scale in a cost effective way and provides a scalable process that brings your new products faster to market then any other existing mixer.

Process Functions include:

  • Fast dissolution of HA powders and fibers
  • Homogeneous mixing of all kind of API’s into the HA gels
  • Mixing of compounded gels for slow drug release
  • Cross linking process done in the same vessel
  • Temperature control for hardening cross linked gels
  • Cutting of cross linked gels
  • Vacuum control for dearation of final gels
  • Scale up to manufacturing units guaranteed
  • Essy cleaning, no demounting required

Experiment with different molecular weights, cross linking reagents, temperature and time control to find your perfect HA gel or Cosmeceutical Filler.

Hyaluronic Acid
Cross linked HA gel, cutted, ready for washing and particulation.

Contact us for more related products, like particulation sieves and wash vessels for cross linked gels.

The HA Mi Molto can be purchased for providing you with the most flexible research tool for HA processing, or our Customers
can rent our our LAB  at The Hyaluronic Acid Process Development Center where the HA Mi Molto can be used together with
lot’s of additional process equipment on smallest lab scale and/or manufacturing scale.

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