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Mixing & Homogenising Systems

Krieger has a long term experience with processing Hyaluronic Acid gels for injectables and cosmetic products.  Our dedicated HA processing lab allows our customers to test the manufacturing of their HA based products on dedicated HA processing equipment.

Besides manufacturing of Hyaluronic based hydrogels the lab provides all processing tools for development and  research of manufacturing systems for our customers Cross linked gels, Cosmeceutical products , viscous injectables , ... on a small scale.

Our HA processing Lab is equipped with: (not limited)

  • MMD 45 Contained
  • MMU 25 Contained
  • Mi Molto 1.5 liter HA processer
  • Cross linking trays with temperature control
  • Cutting equipment for cross linked gels
  • Purifying equipment for cross linked gels
  • Particulation sieve systems

Visit the Center

Customers can rent our HA lab for doing their tests or Krieger staff can perform complete test on our customers behalf. For R&D purposes we can do full QbD studies to find the processing equipment solutions that allow to manufacture your HA product developments.

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