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Mixing & Homogenising Systems


Designed for low to high viscous semi-solids processing under aseptic conditions, 
the Krieger K-Mix range convincingly performs to the most stringent demands of pharma, cosmetics, healthcare and toiletries applications. 
Adhering to FDA, cGMP standards we’re looking forward to present to you in more detail our new K-Mix Range.

Main Features K- Mix


Krieger Mixing & Homogenising Process
Aseptical design with on board CIP / SIP
CTF Homogeniser
Balanced Shear
cGMP machine housing
Touch screen operator panel
Powder Injection system
Integrated Utility Rack
Fixed or Tiltable design

K Mix

Krieger Mixing & Homogenising Process

Kriegers famous process technology with fluid dynamic wing shaped mixing arms & self cleaning cTF homogeniser.

Guaranteed' perfect homogenisation and temperature distribution in the whole batch for low to high viscous products.

K Mix 500

Aseptical design with on board CIP/SIP

Aseptical and crevice free design with on board CIP and Sanitisation system.


K Mix

CTF Homogeniser

The  powerfull C-TF Homogeniser enables fast and easy dispersing, emulsifying and homogenisation of the introduced phases and the entire product batch without the necessity of a recirculation loop. As such product losses are minimized and the cleaning and sanitisation /sterilsation cycle is substantially more efficient.


Balanced Shear

A special characteristic of the C-TF homogeniser is the balanced shear force of the homogeniser that makes it difficult to lose batches due to over homogenising and allows to process shear sensitive ingredients.



We re-engineered the entire framework and utilities management of the machine to the latest cGMP standards.

The Machineframe houses all utilities,  like an automatic pressure vacuum regulation, and has been designed with an utility interface to connect to the customers site utilities.

K Mix with cGMP Housing

Operator Touch screen

A 15" touch screen is standard on our K- mix range.

Operator friendly screens for manual and automatic operation of all process functions.

Software programmed according to the latest  GAMP (Good Automation Practice) regulations on a Siemens or Allen Bradley platform.

K Mix Touch screen

Utility interface

All utilites can be connected directly to the utility interface on the machinframe where all required utilities for the operation of the unit are centralised.

Utility interface

Powder injectable System


all kind of powders

incl. Carbopol powders,

Toxic Powders, ...

test K Mix

Powder injectable System = adjustable inlet valve + Dynamic Vacuum Regulation

Adjustable Inlet Valve

The Krieger adjustable inlet valve  allows regulating the flowrate of powders with an infinitely variable scale. Powders with different characteristics (weight, flow properties, interparticulate friction,...)
can be processed by the same inlet valve using a different aperture chosen in function of it's specific powder characteristics.


Dynamic Vacuum Regulation

The automated vacuum / pressure regulation, available on the K-mix line  will be automatically set to "Dynamic Vacuum" when introducing powders through the adjustable inlet valve. 

The Dynamic Vacuum program will open and close the powder inlet valve during the powder injection process and adjust in a dynamic way the vacuum levels required for a smooth powder introduction of the complete powder batch into  the liquid. 

Panel Krieger Siemens
Utility rack

Integrated Utility Rack

Located in the technical room or adjacent to the machine the integrated utility rack provides  Heating / Cooling , automatic Vacuum / Pressure regulation, CIP/SIP system and houses all connections towards the user’s Utilities.

Tiltable design

available for easy discharge of viscous products

Processing Excellence
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