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Mixing & Homogenising Systems

Lab Mi Molto

Mi Molto 1.5 & 3L

The Krieger R&D Mi – Molto is THE fast and efficient formulation development tool for all laboratories and R&D departments.
It allows with minimal quantities of ingredients, to develop on a small scale, many new product ideas and simulate a wide variety of process parameters within chosen recipies, to find rapidly optimized formulation results for your new products, with the guarantee that found results can scale up to production machines and that your innovative new products are brought faster to market.


New 3L Mi Molto

Our new 3 liter mixing and homogenising Mi Molto unit allows laboratories and R&D departments to develop cosmetics and pharmaceutical products on a small scale.

The equipment is a small replica of the big production machines, uses the same tip speeds on the agitators and homogeniser as the tip speeds used in the production units. The Mi Molto guarantees direct scale up to your bigger production machines.
This unit is powerfull, and can easily process low to high viscosty semi solids.


Data Management

Recipies with their parameters and data, developed on the Mi Molto can be saved and transferred directly to the production machines.

A Touch operator panel and an  open plc configuration ensure the Mi Molto will be adaptable to all future needs.


Easy & Safe Handling

The Vacuum tight Stainless Steel  vessel has quick couplings to the heating / cooling Jacket.

Heating / cooling functions can be set in the operator panel for exact temperature studies of all kind of creams and ointments development.

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