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Mixing & Homogenising Systems

Micro Mixer

Scale down to 25 ml

With a starting minimum volume of 25 ml, the Micro Mixer range is the ideal tool to scale down your contained mixing processes under pressure or vacuum.
Dissolution of expensive shear sensitive API's, proteins, ...
Developing and processing small molecule and complex biologic drug candidates.
Or just vacuum mixing.

Mimic your fluid mixing pattern on smallest scale

Sized from 100ml, 250ml, 1 liter to 10 liter these small tanks mimic exactly your Fluid mixing Pattern of your manufacturing tanks and therefore are the ideal tool for your biologics R&D teams.

micro mixer inside


Easy handling and Autoclavable
With it's capability to take the complete mixing vessel away from its base station, the portable vessel can be filled or emptied under contained environment.

micro mixer

From 0.1 to 10 liters

The micro mixer range exist in 0.1 liter, a 1 Liter and a 10 Liter to scale up gradiently to your manufacturing processing reactors. Minmum processing volume starts at 0.025 liter.

Download EU Version

Download US Version

Micro Mixer 3L
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