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Mixing & Homogenising Systems

Molto Mat Contained

The Molto Mat Contained uses Krieger’s contained process technology  with the Krieger famous fast low shear homogenisation agitators and the Krieger specially developed  seal containment chamber. Both  ensure a 100% sterile and contained viscous gel production  in an easy to validate, operate and to scale manufacturing process.  Besides viscous injectables, viscoelastics and blood plasma preparation, many compounds for injectables with controlled slow drug realease can be manufactured with the MMD Contained machine line.

Features Contained Processing


  • Seal containment chamber
  • Heat transfer in the vessel without wall scrapers
  • No particulate contamination from scrapers or seals
  • Time saving CIP / SIP functions
  • cGMP design
  • Counter rotating mixing tools

Low shear homogenising

A high performance agitator with near to wall mixing arms that provide efficient and uniform mixing of low to very high viscosity materials without the need for vessel wall scrapers.
The low shear homogening function of these agitators allow to process shear sensitive bio materials like Hyaluronic Acid and other shear sensitive ingredients.


Perfect Containment

Krieger’s Contained mixing & Homogenising technology provides a technology platform that physically separates the process product chamber from the technical mixing mechanism.
The seal containment chamber (SCC) ensures an absolute particle free and contained mixing zone.


Scalable in sizes from 5 liter to 1000 liters

The new 500-liter MMD design utilizes two lifting pillars and a motor traction on the SCC, that ensures total stability during the processing of highly viscous injectable gels.

MMD 500 contained

Direct to filling

An inventive agitator bottom design ensures that even 0.5 liters can be mixed in the tank and provides a functional mixing & homogenising pattern without any dead zone, to ensure all API’s are distributed evenly throughout the entire batch.

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