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Mixing & Homogenising Systems

Quality by Design – Studies

QbD Studies

Krieger offers QbD studies,  prototypes and design proposals for new processing equipment are worked out in 3D models.  After theoretical verification of the manufacturing process and the equipment model, the functionality of certain critical steps of the process can be tested with real prototypes in our Labs.

QbD Studies allow to gain valuable information that allows to define the final equipment requirements for new processing manufacturing equipment.

Thanks to QbD studies, our customers can get a more exact finding of the equipment scope and can better determine the commercialisation costs of a project without having to invest into a full capex project.

QbD – Studies are also best suited for optimising and rationalising existing liquids and semi – solids manufacturing processes.

Cutting trade

Analytical Services Support

Krieger works in close contact with the Institute for Pharma Technology.

The Institute is able to assist us with our studies and  provide us with all analytic devices, required for the final analysis of  emperical tests done with Krieger equipment and new QbD Prototypes.

See more under Institute for Pharma Technology

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