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Mixing & Homogenising Systems

Refurbish and upgrade of Krieger machines


This is another way how Krieger preserves our nature’s resources, by Kriegers ability to refurbish older Krieger equipment. We reuse all main parts of the equipment and upgrade the old Krieger units with modern PLC systems, newly automated vacuum / pressure regulations, CIP systems, and the latest design features, this all to give a new life span to exisiting machines.

Refurbish MMU

Upgrade Packs

Besides refurbishing the equipment, upgrades packs are available for having the new Krieger CIP/SIP Gear box installed on older MMU models and upgrade their processing capabilities to automatic vacuum / pressure regulations and install our latest powder injection system.
Click here for a quote for upgrading your existing Krieger.

Refurbish Molto Mat Universal

Ready to find out more? See our Refurbishment list.

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