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Mixing & Homogenising Systems

Center of Excellence

Inside the existing Krieger building a new „Center of Excellence“ has been created, where Krieger staff, customers, universities and third party suppliers can work hand in hand to develop and create new processing equipment solutions for a wide range of liquids and semi - solids applications.

center of excelence3

The Center houses:

A Lab area with:
  • The Hyaluronic Acid Process Development Center
  • The Mixing & Homogenising Lab
  • Scale Down Lab facility for Gels, Ointments, Biologics & Cosmeceuticals
  • Meeting rooms and offices for visitors
  • Clean & GMP assembly area with full FAT facilities

Supporting activities

Supporting activities on Site for the new
Center of Excellence are:
  • Engineering department for QbD projects
  • Electrical & Automation services
  • Manufacturing facilities icluding PED certified welding and swiss presicion mechanics
  • Sales and administrative offices

Green Plant

At the Krieger Mixing & Homogenizing center of excellence in Muttenz, we place a great emphasis on sustainable manufacturing methods.

Manufacturing with green energy

Our plant in Muttenz is equipped with photovoltaic cells that produce the required electricity for the entire facility.
Besides the offices, the manufacturing machines and even our electrical cars, these are all powered
by the sunlight generated from our own roof. Excess power generated during the weekend is loaded
back to the electrical community network where family households can use our green produced electricity.


Covid 19 ready

Our new center complies with the sanitary regulations of the Swiss federal Authorities.
Our spacious new main meeting room enables meetings, securing the required social distance.

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